Glitzfolio is a complete one-stop resource for aspiring and experienced individuals, from ages 0 to 99, to showcase their talents in diverse facets of entertainment industry and link up with the right professionals in fashion/advertising/ media Industry across the world. With Glitz folio, you can get to not only make your talents known to the entertainment world, but also get to have a chance to be seen or located by professionals who matter to put you on the track to your stardom aspirations.

Committed to bringing talent from across the country to centre-stage, Glitzfolio offers a wide range of interesting features which allows the user to easily find the solution to their particular need. Whether you aspire to be an actor or singer or model, Glitzfolio acts as a virtual stage, gallery, studio, TV station or any such like platform you name and functions as a platform wherein artists and talents of every genre from anywhere meet and link up. In short, it will help you put on the right ramp to your showbiz dreams.


  • To provide talented individuals with a platform to create, upload, and broadcast their talents.
  • To provide a resource wherein, Photo, audio, video, and/or written portfolios of talented people (models, musicians, actors, dancers, singers, producers, film-makers, photographers, etc.) can be posted and seen by modeling agencies, casting agents, fashion designers, advertising directors, talent managers and talent employers from around the Industry. This will help them to preview your portfolio prior to interviews, offers, auditions, go-sees, and contracts.
  • To provide personalized page with The same will help showcase your talent to the World.
  • To provide Forums for tips and suggestion by industry experts.
  • To provide a resource to showcase and present ongoing auditions and hunt for talents to the Industry.
  • To act as a Bridge to Talent.

Why Glitzfolio:

Because Glitzfolio is armed with the skill and competence to showcase your talents in any segment, field or genre with focused interactive communications and provide the right platform to showcase your talent and turn your dreams to reality. We go beyond the realm of conceptualization, planning, execution of below the line activities, guide you on the right path to cut the clutter of brands, through the vicissitudes of marketing cacophony and make you stand out among the crowd and get instantly noticed in the most exclusive and intimate form.

With our unique and authenticated filing system, users have multiple ways of stumbling and reach upon your talent!


To provide perfect playing field to talents in all genres to showcase and promote their talents and put them on the right path to bright careers. In short, Glitzfolio is here with a purpose, rather than a shot in the dark.

Our Promise

We promise to maintain the passion, focus, dedication we had when Glitzfolio was merely a dream.

Note : Applications will be accepted only after scrutiny. Glitzfolio reserves the right to cancel your membership at anytime if you finish incorrect information. Filling application form or paying registration fees does not entitle you to membership in Glitzfolio. Please remember that Glitzfolio does not guarantee opportunities. In only acts as a facilitator and a bridge between your talent and the showbiz industry